I was interested in an ASL Integrated Amp to listen to CD's with Axiom M22Ti speakers. I have the opportunity to purchase a used Pro Phono pre amp to connect to a set of ASL Wave AV 20 Block Amps. I am familiar with the amps and think they will meet my needs, but I am not familiar with the preamp. Does anyone have experience with this preamp and could you give your thoughts on it's performance? I couldn't find much when I did an internet search. Any idea what the MSRP was and when they were discontinued from the market?

Also, one idea I had I was using the AV 20 block amps with a CD player that had a volume contol/preamp build in. This way I could use the remote control. Anyone wish to recommend a CD player that might meet my needs? I'm new to this (after raising 3 kids) and just picking up after many years away. Also, I wish to spend less than $500 if I follow this option. Thanks to everyone who replys....Gary