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    Question Amplified Sub to Mono Speaker out?

    I am looking at making some small upgrades to a home theater system. I have an all-in-one DVD/Stereo made by Pioneer. The subwoofer the system came with is non-amplified, and has a single speaker level connection. (so the signal is processed and amplified by the stereo itself). Would I be able to hook up a powered subwoofer to this? I see that many amplified subwoofers have speaker level inputs, but they sum stereo inputs into mono. I would not want to get a new sub if it is only going to be able to perform at half capacity.


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    I see two choices.

    1) If you buy a powered sub and it has two speaker level inputs, just replace your existing sub abd hook up the receiver's sub out to one of the new sub's inputs . It will still put out all it's capable of. If that thought bothers you, connect the one speaker line to both sub inputs.

    *check your manual or call the mfgr for this info.

    2) IF main unit can function without the sub as an integral part of the system*, and sends the full range of lows to the main L/R speakers, then any powered sub with two speaker level inputs and outputs will work. Simply remove the sub.

    Option 1 is the one I would choose.

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    This is exactly the info I needed!


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    SUB Out to a sub

    I would not advise you to ddddddo that one the outis a speaker power line made to drive anormal passive speaker.
    Mostlikey overdrive the active subs input and wreck somethng and maybe both ends ifyou get a short outof thedeal.
    If youhave a mono speaker out just use a pasive sub box and match the speaker to the out put power of the amp .
    . Maybe save a few bucks not having to buy a active box .

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