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    We're all adults, right?

    It occurred to me that I should replace my vhs versions of Radley Metzger films with dvd or blu-ray copies. I should have known that these films, like the films of Russ Meyer, can't be found for 9.99 or even 14.99, if they can be found at all. Danger Mouse prompted this thought. What?!? I read in Rolling Stone last year that Danger Mouse was in a studio in Italy recording an album of "Italian film score music". The story reminded me of several composers and compositions for spaghetti westerns and giallo films and euro-trash film music in general.

    Radley Metzger is a New Yorker with keen Continental European sensibilities. From watching his films one would think he is Italian. His Camille 2000 (1969) is one of my favorite Euro-trash films. It is set in Rome and is eyecandy to the nth degree. Beautiful settings, costumes, cars, etc. The plot, as many of the erotic films of the time claimed to do, attempts to follow a classic novel - Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas. But it's not the plot or the acting that is this film's strength. They're weaknesses, in fact. It's strength is in the sets, the costumes, the camera work and the magnificent soundtrack by Piero Piccioni. You don't even have to watch the whole movie. You can catch the opening scene of partiers dressed in evening wear stumbling down the many steps of a grand marble building, getting into their little Italian sports cars, reaching the airport as the sun rises, and chasing a plane as it lands. You get the funky bassline intro and the full swell of the main theme in addition to some great footage.

    Yes, Metzger went on to direct many adult films under the pseudonym Henry Paris, but I'm not as interested in those. His works such as "Carmen, Baby", "Camille 2000", "The Lickerish Quartet" and "Therese and Isabell" are worthy of a look.

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    Thanks for the information. I'll definately see if I can find of this guy's work.


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