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    I was casually watching this movie on AMC the other night. I was surprised to hear a rather rousing, aggressive and well edited stereo soundtrack on this 1971 film. I checked on the IMDB to see if this movie had an original stereo soundtrack. The soundmix listed was mono by Westrex. Does any member of the audioreview board know if this film had an original stereo soundtrack or was the original soundtrack remixed or re-edited for stereo sound in the present. Thanks. Kelsci.

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    20th Century remixed a 5.1 soundtrack for this movie, and released this a part of their Five Star collection. The Five Star collection is Fox's answer to Sony's superbit releases.
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    Hi your Lordship. Thanks for the info. I of course only heard it in DPL-1, but the prominent front L-C-R soundstage was quite terrific to say the least. It probably sounds quite good in D.D. 5.1. Kelsci.

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