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    Best Action Blu-rays

    10 demo-worthy titles to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Iron Man: The image is filled with “wow” moments, with excellent colors and detail. Also, this one has great bass and tons of superhero-style sound effects.

    Die Hard: He and Alan Rickman are perfect combatants, and there’s some sentimentality to Willis’ character that gets lost a bit in the sequels.

    North by Northwest:It’s more action Hitchcock than mystery Hitchcock, but this has all the ingredients of the master’s best work.

    Gladiator; Visually, the movie is stunning through. With its multichannel audio soundtrack that lets you hear everything from clanging swords, to the swish of fireballs and soft dialog in between.

    Taxi Driver: The intense creepiness of Robert De Niro’s character comes through on Blu-ray far more than on DVD.

    The Dark Knight:The Dark Knight was a summer blockbuster that lived up to the hype.

    Bullitt: The 1968 Steve McQueen cop movie has the best car chase sequence of all time. Make sure your subwoofer is on to feel the shifts of his Mustang fastback as he flies through the streets of San Francisco.

    The Bourne Supremacy: Aside from the awesome picture, this film have crashes, crunches and killer (sometimes literally) dialogue.

    Kick-Ass: This Blu-ray has great detail, bold colors, and an awesome audio track (7.1!) to match.

    Bolt: With killer computer-generated visuals and surround sound audio, the movie’s opening chase scene is a 10-minute whirlwind of fast-paced adventure that’s highlighted by explosions and comedic interludes.

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    How could you leave these out Smoke:

    Transformer 2 Revenge of the Fallen: IMHO this movie set the bar for other Action flicks to live up to. The audio is top notch and will have you ducking under the couch from the next missle from Star Scream, PQ is near 3D level and the use of mutil aspect ratio was awesome and can go un-notice cause your into what is happening on the screen is so intense.

    Star Trek: Very sharp PQ and great use of surround sound when it made a big impact and draw you into what is happening on the screen.

    Tron (legacy) : Another visual piece of eye candy and eargasm as you will find yourself looking around the room for the next light cycle, due that you can hear it coming from a distance

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    I thought you didn't have a BR Player, are these movies you watched on BR or just what you read?

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    Okay, now that Smoke's got himself the HDTV, we're now going to see all Blu-ray threads all the time!

    The article is kind of a weird list, because I have no idea what criteria they're using. Is it based on content? Is it the audio/video quality? Is it the improvement over the VHS/DVD versions?

    IMO, any list of demo-quality Blu-rays needs to include Blade Runner. The Blu-ray restores the cinematic film look to what I remember seeing in 70mm theatrical screenings. It's staggering how good it looks, and the sound quality is also stellar. One could argue that Blade Runner is not an action movie, but then again neither is Taxi Driver.

    The verdict is very mixed on The Dark Knight, because the Blu-ray release used the IMAX master, which added a lot of edge enhancement during the original DMR transfer. I think it looks good, but it's definitely not the best that Blu-ray has to offer.

    Agree with recoveryone about Tron: Legacy, that BD is reference quality in all facets. Amazing visuals and picture quality, along with a great soundtrack.

    Star Trek is another mixed bag. The soundtrack for that release is great, but some of the visuals are not quite the best that I've seen.
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    Thanks guys for added blurays. As you can tell, the list is pretty subjective (like for Die Hard movie) so we all may not agree. But I think they were primary picked for visual and sound effects.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooch
    Okay, now that Smoke's got himself the HDTV, we're now going to see all Blu-ray threads all the time!
    Not untill Walmart start a new Bluray Bargain Bin

    After seeing HD programming, one can clearly see the DVD shortcomings which I'm sure is probably more apparent on bigger screen. Like lack of detail and color saturation. Now, my DVD collection is outdated

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    From the 10-15 Blu Rays or so I have..

    my vote is for the original Terminator. I understand they redid the sound and it's not only unbelievable for a movie from 1984, but bests many from today.

    Behind Enemy Lines....the opening missile lock on jet scene is intense and I may have hit the limit of my HT on this one. Also, the land mine run scene is mind blowing. Great action flick!

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