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    please someone help me!! HDCD trouble!

    So i got this awesome HDCD through ebay (Yes, Fragile) in still sealed condition. everything was cool till i popped it into my CAR player (possibly lowest quality piece of audio equipment i own) and distortion hits me in the face.
    i get back to my room HOPING that it was just the dumb pioneer car cd that didnt like HDCDs. i run the CD through my normal player, through a cheaper one, and through a discman just to find out the exact same distorsion. AURGH!!!
    so now, what am i doing wrong? is it just the recording? (not a remaster) arent HDCDs supposed to be FULLY compatible?

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    Most likely it is due to poor recording or mastering, I have a number of HDCD some are good and some are very poor. HDCD will not improve a poorly recorded or matered piece.

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    CD's, HDCD's, DVD's, etc are digital just the same as computers......

    Garbage In = Garbage Out.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    To realize any benefits of HDCD,...

    ... you must play it on a player that incorporates HDCD "decoding". They should play quite well on a "normal" cd player although any benefits of HDCD over redbook will not be evident.

    That said, it sounds like a bad CD, HDCD or no.

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    You Must be Talking about the Japanese Mini sleeves

    I have all the Yes HDCD mini sleeves and imo, they are a mixed bag. Fragile is definitely the worst of the bunch. The recording had quite a bit of distortion to begin with, but it's magnified by the Japanese remaster. Also the HDCDs are mastered too LOUD and they can be agonizing on the ears. Occasionally, you can hear things like brief dropouts or at one point on Roundabout, the soundstage collapsing from the left into the right channel. Some, like Topographic Oceans and Relayer are incredibly hissy as well. Heck, the more I think about it, those mini CDs are certainly eye candy, but they aren't nearly as tantalizing on the ears. Maybe it's time for me to upgrade to the Rhino remasters.

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    SPOT ON! its one of the japanese mini sleeves. I got it because as you said its some REAL eye candy, and because i thought that the japanese reputation for quality pressings and editions was present in ALL of them. turns out it doesnt.
    So this effectively means i am going to need to get a decent version of this recording... Any suggestions? hopefully not one of those awesome Kilobuck MFSL gold CDs...

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    I actually started a thread about this here:

    I've been wanting to upgrade myself so I understand your dilemma.

    Good luck.

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