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    Onboard, internal or external audio card?

    I'd like to choose a really good audio system for a new PC I am building, based on the ASUS P5B Deluxe. This mobo has already has onboard High-Def Audio (8 kanaals, 192KHz/24-bits), so would a high-quality audio card like the Creative X-Fi add even more quality sound?

    I am not a gamer, so don't expect benefits from a sound card in the sense that it would al take load of my processor (Intel Core 2 Duo 6600). This should have more than enough power for wat I normally do with my PC. I am just really interested in high-quality audio for music and video, without interference.

    In fact was interesting to read on "Your PC is a terrible environment for a sensitive little audio signal. It is filled with electronic and mechanical noise and interference...This is a big reason why audiophiles tend to prefer external USB or Firewire sound cards to internal cards."

    So, this seems to suggest that internal cards are not such a good idea at all. But then, again, does a Wireless Media Server or USB DAC add anything tot the onboard High-Def Audio on my mobo? I guess so, because these devices are bloody expensive! Before I spend that money, I'd appreciate to hear some experiences and advice.

    Anyone? Cheers!

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    no experience with external soundcards, although i can say you, onboard is the way NOT to go, it is bad, no proper programs, no other funtions, no other good things you do get with a real soundcard,.... external is said to be good, but i prefer internal soundcards, only thing you will almost always have with the normal consumer soundcards, is that their analogue out sucks, better use the digital out to dac to analogue input on amplifier or digital out on soundcard to digital in on amp. The Xi-fi is a good soundcard, myself i have a audigy 2 zs, alot of options and effects and blah blah blah, but a really good soundcard.

    Hope this helped

    Btw, do you speak dutch?? cuz you said "kanaals" in your post.
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    I like outboard, myself. In my case, an M-Audio Sonica.
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    Check if your internal sound card provides additional features like Dolby Digital encoding through the digital out. Apart from this, I wouldn't think that there is any real value-add in going for a higher sound card. Sure, you'll get additional DSP and effects, but if you already have a quality A/V receiver, you might as well want to pass the pure signal through a digital link and experiment with the effects on the receiver!

    I'm also not sure if the 'noisy' environment of the PC is going to affect any sound sent out through the digital link. I have a vintage Asus A7N266-VM mobo with an Nvidia Soundstorm MCP-D chipset for sound. I use the S/PDIF output to send sound in DD5.1 to my Pioneer receiver. Music sounds pure and clean and about as good as the quality of recording will allow.

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    Don't worry about it. The onboard sound function will be fine for whhat you're doing. I've had several Asus MBs and never had a bit of trouble with the onboard sound.


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