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    Mark Levinson 31.5 and cd skipping problem

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my 31.5 CD transport (bought
    used two months ago in Italy, where I live).
    Sometimes I hear a little skip forward, less than one second
    I think. It happens occasionally, not on a specific CD or
    track. Sometimes I can listen to the music for an hour or
    maybe more without any problem. And sometimes I hear more
    than one skip in a few minutes. I've tried with different
    digital cables, D/A converters, power conditioners (to
    avoid surge spikes) but the problem is still there. When I
    insert a CD there's no problem in recognizing the number of
    tracks and the total running time. The positioning over a
    specific track is not a problem too. I've noticed that the
    elapsed time on the display during playing is a little
    strange, it does not flows smoothly. Often it seems that it
    takes more than one real second to switch from a second to
    the next one and the gap is corrected immediately after,
    when it takes a little less than one real second to show
    the subsequent second in the display. Excuse me for this
    horrible explanation, I hope you'll understand what I mean.
    The lens is perfectly clean and the 31.5 is very well
    isolated from vibrations (and I often listen to the music
    at a very low volume). I leave the 31.5 in standby when
    not used. Sometimes the skip comes at the beginning of the
    listening session and sometimes after several minutes. I
    mean that it's not related to the temperature of the unit.
    I wrote several e-mail to ML USA but I've never had an
    answer. Next week I'll take the 31.5 to the official
    assistance center, many miles away from where I live, but
    any advice/hint/help/suggestion from you will be very
    appreciated. Thanks a lot in avance.

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    I think the ML has a servo drive, which can be a little bit and thus cause CD skipping. The center should be able to fix him.


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