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    Marantz SA 8260 Secret Switch?


    The Marantz SA 8260 instruction manual says the following:

    When the unit is to be connected with a next-generation
    amplifier that supports Super Audio CDs and set the switch
    to CUSTOM for use. This will ensure play with a wider
    frequency range.
    * Use the switch at the STANDARD position if the unit is to be
    used with a regular amplifier. Otherwise, the amplifier and/
    or speakers may be damaged.

    What in the world is a "next-generation" and/or "regular" amplifier? I have a Creek 5350SE which sends output to a pair of Traingle Celius. Can I change the switch? Should I change the switch?

    Anyone know what the deal is?


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    Good question...

    ...after a virtual wild goose chase, all I can contribute is a definite maybe!

    According to pg. 16 in the Marantz manual that switch enables a wider FR up to 100kHz...they also caution you of the potential for damage to "conventional" the hook-up diagrams the show the unit connected to a PM8100SA...this unit is not available in the western hemisphere apparently...I can find it mentioned in Asia and Russia(unfortunately, I can barely speak English) and on this site(AR) in a review from Singapore, so there are no clues...and I can't find mention of it on any of the global Marantz sites...however, some other Marantz pre-, integrated and power amps seem to have a FR of 5Hz to 60kHz...perhaps they are simply referring to units with wide-band circuitry as they do make mention of activating protection circuits and such...If you follow one of their links, it takes you to a Philips site re:SACD tech and format descriptions and in the FAQs they don't seem to have too many reservations with playback least with speakers...

    Your Creek has an upper bandwidth limit of 25kHz and a THD spec rated 20Hz-20kHz...perhaps you would be better off contacting them to ascertain whether higher frequency input might cause distortion to rise to clipping level somehow, which in turn could cause problems with the tweeters in your loudspeakers...or you could just play it safe and leave the switch at the factory setting as recommended by Marantz!.

    jimHJJ(...all I know is, I wish some of the gear I saw while researching this info was available to us North American folks...Brushed aluminum faceplates, real switches and knobs...phono, do I ever...)

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