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Thread: krell kav 300cd

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    krell kav 300cd

    I have a rotel 1072 with a musical fidelityA324 dac. Would anyone out there have any idea if adding the krell be a step forward or not? other than stereophile and the reviews on this site I can't find ANY REAL opions on the krell. Have a chance to buy one but not really sure about this? Any opinions are very welcom

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    I'm not familiar with MF so I can't compare the MF DAC to the Krell internal DAC. The Krell transport would be better than the Rotel's. I can tell you that the 300cd is an excellent CD player. I believe retail was around $3,500.00 and it was worth it.

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    Look for a used Krell KPS20T or MD20 transport and the Studio, SPB32 DAC or if you have a bunch of cash laying around look into my Krell 64 and 64 Reference. They are a DIFFERENT world then any Krell offered CD player.

    Look for a used Transport with the Philips CDM9Pro Laser...much better then any other current Krell player. As for a DAC, the above recommended.
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