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    iPOD or iRiver? plz help

    Starting to research.I like the fact that the iPOD has an attachment to be able to play over "dead" FM station, in car or on a home system. Any opinions


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    I've got an iPod with the iTrip FM broadcaster attachment, and I'm not so hot on the iTrip. It can be a pain to find stations in the car, because first you have to locate a good unused station on the radio, then set the ipod to that station. In a car(even not in a car!) this can be quite a hassle. Then if you are on a road trip, your blank station won't stay blank for long. stations will come in and out and

    Its a cool idea and I went for it but in practice I think its not for me. Luckily I happened to have a spare input on the back of my car stereo, so I mounted a RCA to Mini plug cable on it, and now I just plug that into my ipod's headphone out.


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