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    Hi-MD vs. MP3 players....which is better...?

    I have a problem deciding which portable player is for me...
    My problem is this...i have around 10G of muzic on my computer of which 5/6G i wouldn't want to part i need a player dat has around 5G...
    Another big issue is the battery life....i have tendency to fly overseas which takes some time without im very much for a removable battery...more so for a AA or AAA...
    I love listening to muzic but not really crazy about overrated functions of the long as the muzic is clean and crisp...arond 95dB....I'll be fine...
    So if anyone can shine some light on my problem plz do...thnx

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    creative or rio..

    I'd skip the MD players. They've become more competitive with hard drive players but the convenience of hard drive players can't be beat. Players from Creative have the highest signal to noise ratios and are generally considered the audiophile's choice. Players from Rio and iRiver (players I own and use almost daily) sound great, are easy to use and reasonably rugged. The player everyone is waiting for right now is the Rio Chroma. It looks like it's going to be the player to beat when it's finally released.

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    I have Net MD minidisc and like the sound of the Atrac compression. It puts off a warm coloration to the music...MD's also have great battery life. One double A goes a long long ways. If I were going to buy a Hi-MD I'd wait a little bit...the newest players will be mp3 compatable without having to convert to atrac and further compress data. I'd also try to find a player that was manufactured in Japan (the construction is better)...I've heard good things about the Sharp players in terms of audio quality...As for hard drive based players I don't have any experience...I hear good things about I-river...and the amount of functions you get for the price...They just released a new 5 gig player that has a color LCD, fm radio..and a few other bells and whistles for 270..Seems like a good deal...

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