In search of an MP3 player to use when running on the treadmill or on the track. Searched everywhere in my area and found the following MP3 players {ALL ARE 128mb UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED}:

Under $100 (which is where I was trying to stay when my quest began):
- RCA Lyra ($99.99)
- Creative Nomad MuVo ($96.96)
- Memorex 2xtreme ($99.95)
- Rio Fuse ($99.99 including $30 rebate through 12/31)

Between $100 and $150:
- iRiver ifp-380T ($131.00)
- Nike/Phillips psa128max ($129.99)
- Rio Cali Sport ($149.99 including $20 rebate)

Over $150:
- Rio Chiba w/256mb ($160)
- Rio Nitris ???mb ($200 including $20 rebate)

Can someone, anyone, give me some input (good or bad) on any or all of the MP3 players listed above?

My thinking right now: Either the Creative Nomad or the Rio Fuse - only drawback to each is no case/arm band/clip on either of them (would have to put in small pocket in shorts).

A couple people have recommended the Cali Sport but my thinking there is I can 128mb MORE if I move up to the Chiba. And it seems like I'm paying $50 more just for an armband (and it's twice as big as the Nomad and Fuse).

Can someone please offer some advice?