i have started to look into buying a cd player. i have come to learn great things about Cyrus CD6 and CD8, NAD C521BEE, LINN genki, Jolida JD100A, and a very hard to find italian number, the Monrio Asty Player. I am uncertain of all these players prices. But, i do know that i want something to synergize well with my Dynaudio 52se and Musical Fidelity A3.2 setup. I am using Tara Labs interconnects. I listen to all types of music everyday. Mostly into finding something with open soundstage and very Involving. Spine tingling would be the best!
Thanks for recommendations.

ps. What i dont want is a cd player that is too good for my system (requires larger speakers, less bright amp). This might rule out the Linn, which is one that i seriously liked.