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    marantz 6400 driving dyn honestly brutal...good choice? bad choice?

    i just ordered the Dynaudio 52se's. I was thinking of getting the rotel 1055 with no more info on it than the dealer saying it is good. I am quite naive when it comes to $1K a/v amps. I am not the richest on the block, and my block isnt that great anyways. But i do like music. I do like dvd's. So, the dealer offered me a Marantz 6400 for $560. I decided to go with it, so that i could still pay my water bill this month. But, am i being silly by thinking that a 6400 could really do the 52se's justice? should i really go with the rotel or something else and just live without water for a month?

    I NEED YOUR HELP. RGA- what do you say?

    (i am joking about the water, but not about the money)

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    Frankly Rotel doesn't make the greatest preamps at least no better than anyone else in this price range. The Marantz has jacks to add a power amp LATER. I just picked up the 4300 for $239.00US or $320.00Cdn on a's no world beater and doesn't scare my Sugden. But then it also doesn't make me groan or have bad habits either.

    Going home theater IMO is a compromise and if one is forced to go with a feature box Receiver then get the bare bones you can with the features you need and then buy a power amp used for cheap.

    Consider that I could probably get a 5 year old 5 channels worth of Rotel Power amps that probably retailed NEW for $2kUS for about $400.00 CDN. Add this to the SR4300 and it would EAT for lunch ANY 6k receiver of 3 years cost $820.00. And this would probably at least power wise would embarass the SR9300...then it's just a matter of the features. For instance the 5300 and newer 5400 has on screen set-up so some might need that to operate the unit easier and might be worth a bit extra - wasn't to me.

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