Is this where we discuss cd burning software now? I pretty much live over at Rave Recs but I did want to share some info about a pretty nice Burning package I found online yesterday. The company is Acoustica, and the program is called Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0. I downloaded it for a free trial from here:

I really wanted to find something simple that allowed me to do a mix with cross fades. This one seems like the one I'm looking for. It's a really simple process to select the tracks and set the crossfade settings (it can do lots more, it normalizes track volumes, you can do fade ins or fade outs, remove silence, all kinds of great stuff..).

The one problem I had is that I made two coasters right away. At first I set 8X burning speed because that's what I always used with Roxio. Didn't work. Then I set it to "max" and that didn't work. Then I set it to 4x and it burned fine, though mostly it ran at 3x and took over 20 minutes. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's a 7 day trial, to buy it it's $25, way less than the full Roxio or Nero packages. The mix I made came out great, I'm a little concerned about the speed, though maybe it's something I can adjust or maybe try a different brand cd-r.

Just thought I'd share.