Since i am a very sad looser and at the moment i can NOWHERE near afford to pay 200+ for one of those VERY sexy MFSL the wall ultradiscs, i downloaded the album (mfsl master) in APE format, and i'm planning on burning it onto some of those cool gold CDr ultradiscs (i know, i know, i'm a bored kid). since i have already payed for 2 copies of this album i dont feel too guilty about copyrights. and chances are i will end up forking the cash for the original gold CDs.
now my question is, i test burned disc 1 onto a CD-RW to see if the tracks aligned seamlesssly (i've had bad experiences with MP3) and they did, but the volume seems to be much lower than on standard CDs. now can i boost this without affecting the sound quality AT ALL? i think nero lets me do this, is there any better way out there?
also, since the CD was ripped, encoded lossless, decoded lossles and burnt, isnt this supposed to be a bit for bit PERFECT copy? (well i know the odd bit will be skrewed here and there) but overall, wont the sound be of IDENTICAL quality to that of the original?