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    Arcam Diva CD73T with Rotel RA-1062 opinions?

    Hello, Is anyone using this combo/any opinions? Thank you, Michael
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    I have an Arcam CD72T player mated to my Rotel RA-1070 integrated....I'm very happy, but I'll be honest though, I have a $200 Yamaha CD player that I use upstairs in my 2nd system that sounds pretty much just as good to me. There are times when I think I might be hearing a difference in favour of the Arcam, but I have to believe that part of me just wants to justify the money I spent on it? I like both players I have now better than the previous $400 Denon player I had.

    I honestly wonder though, is there much difference in CD players sound quality these days? I think if I didn't get the Arcam used, I would feel very ripped-off. Most players above $400 just don't sound "better enough" to me anymore to justify the cost compared to decent quality, inexpensive players in the $200 range.

    As for the Rotel...I had always hated Rotel because of some older gear I demoed, wasn't that impressed. I was always a NAD and Adcom guy myself. The RA-1070 is the best 2-channel system I've ever owned, definitely warmer than NAD or Adcom, but not too laid back or congested. I tested it on my brother's advice, and fell in love with it.

    I'd say you can't go wrong with the Arcam/Rotel combo. But try some less expensive players, you might be surprised at how good they sound.

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    Hifi Choice does recommend this specific combination. I heard the rotel 1062 yesterday, but combined with the Rotel 1072. It's quite good. What it lacks in detail compared to NAD for example, it compensates with a very nice and relaxing sound and great depth. I could not really pull me into the music though. Maybe that's the backside of the easyness. The Arcam could compensate that, but I had no opportunity to pair these two.

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    It would certainly be interesting to hear the two together. My experience is Arcam and Rotel are opposites as far as their sonic presentation. Maybe this would compliment each other but I have my doubts. I have a Sheffield Labs cd, James Newton Howard & Friends, that I have had for years and played through many a systems. On an all Arcam system this cd had the fastest attack of any system I've yet to hear. The kick drum hit unbelievably hard. This cd played through an all Rotel system made it sound very laid back. It was pleasant but it sounded like the band cut the tracks after being just woke from a sound sleep. My preference is the quicker more dynamic sound of Arcam and personally wouldn't degrade that by mixing the two brands. As told by me, Arcam is one of the best values going in cd playback. Their ability to reveal more detail from the disc and give that detail a more realistic presentation puts them ahead of the competition. One may prefer Rotel over Arcam, that's understandable, but not to be able to hear the difference between them or other brands is truely unfortunate.

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