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    im also a newbie but have already had my speakers catch the attention from the police a few times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luvin Da Blues View Post
    Hi, I'm LDB and I'm a audioholic, I haven't listen to music for 2 days.

    This thread is just what we needed, Thanks

    My last "didn't listen to music for x-amount of time" moment was on the road between Flagstaff and LA... did about 4 hours without the tunes rolling, and I thought I was going to go nuts.

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    Audiophile is a bit strong for what I am, but I like to try and upgrade my systems at good prices and enjoy the messing around trying to find a good match. Or seeing a bargain on Craigslist and buying it just because even if I can't currently use it. lol

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    Audiophile, yes - based upon the sound.

    Reference to good sound today is difficult for newer audiophiles as the SOTA did not progress well during the 90's and 2000's unfortunately - so what you hear now from the source media is for the most part NG.

    Live music is the best currently to use.

    No MP3 or most currently produced CDs via Pro Tools algorithms.

    Third post.

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    I loved your post. Good to hear from another audio/videoholic!

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