Today my WHITE ZOMBIE analog interconnects arrived...I was interested to see if there would be a difference in the SACD sound since I was going to replace my 5.1 SACD Monster cables with the WHITE ZOMBIE connects. My first impression of the cables just from looking at them was ....awesome! They were super light in appearance, yet elegantly put together with locking RCA plugs. I was ready to go!

After exchaning the cables out I sat back and decided to put something I was incredibly familiar with in SACD and also in 5.1....that led me to CAPTAIN FANTASTIC by Elton John.

Instead of skipping around to my favorite tracks, I decided to just listen to about 1 min. of each track through the entire album. It didn't take long for my to have a puzzled look on my face....I thought something was sounded 'different'. Turns out that I was now hearing things that I never heard before, but it took me several minutes to figure this out. I kept checking the speaker connections thinking that there might be something wrong, but instead I was now hearing detail and depth unlike before....what a major improvement!

For those that doubt the power of have to hear it to believe it! The Monster cables that I had prior were certainly not bad, but were limiting the full potential that the White Zombie silver-grade interconnects made.