There seems to be alot of good reading in the following cable related reference materials. AES articles probably be easy to get [by paying a fee], but some of mentioned articles seem to be from magazines that are from 70's and 80's and probably out of print or business, and impossible to get.

I was wondering if it is a good idea to archive these materials with full article (or even legal in case of AES), and save it either on AR servers or a member's home page for easy access and readability.
Is this a good idea, or is it even possible?

Here are the reference articles:

"Are those Ears Really Golden? (Or only Iron Pyrites)", Smith, Thomas H., Peterson, Michael R., and Jackson, Peter O., The Audio Amateur, 1/80, pg 34, 36, 38, &32.

"The Great Ego Crunchers: Equalized, Double Blind Testing", Shanefield, Daniel, Hi-Fidelity, Mar 80, pg 57-61.

"Audio Specifications and Human Hearing", Davis, Mark F., Stereo Review, May 82, pg 48-52.

"Can you Trust Your Ears?", Nousaine, Tom, Stereo Review, Aug 97, pg 53-55.

"The Science of Listening", Masters, Ian G., Audio Dec 97, pg 40-47.

"Ten Years of A/B/X Testing", Clark, David L., Presented at the 91st AES Convention, Oct 91, Print #3167.

"High-Resolution Subjective Testing Using a Double-Blind Comparator", Clark, David, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Vol30, no 5, May82, pg 330-338.

"Amplifier-Loudspeaker Interfacing", Greiner, R.A., JAES vol. 28, no. 5 May 80, pg

"Another Look at Speaker Cables", Greiner, R.A., BAS Speaker Dec 78, addendum March 79

"Cables and the Amp Speaker Interface", Greiner, R.A., Audio, Aug 89, addendum Nov 89,

"Effects of cable, Loudspeaker and Amplifier Interactions", Davis, Fred E., JAES, vol. 39, no. 6 Jun 91

"Speaker Cables: Testing for Audibility", Davis, Fred E., Audio, Jul 93

"The Amp/Speaker Interface", Meyer, E.B., Stereo Review, June 91

"Cable and Sound Delivery", Newell, P., Studio Sound, Jul 91

"Cable Bound", Olsher, D., Stereophile, Jul 88

"Getting Wired", Warren, R., Stereo Review, Jun 90

"Loudspeaker Cables", Moir, J., Hi-Fi News& Record Review, May 79

"Speaker Cables: Science or Snake Oil", Pass, Nelson, Speaker Builder, Feb 80

"Will 'Beasty' Speaker Cables Improve your Audio?", Honeycutt, R. A., Radio-Electronics, Feb 91

"The Wire and Cable Scene: Facts, Fictions and Frauds", Aczel, P. The Audio Critic, Part I- Issue 15, Spring-Winter 90-91; Part II-Issue 16, Spring-Fall 91, pg 51-57; Part III- issue 17, Winter 91-92, pg.50-52.

"Speaker Cables: Can you Hear the Difference?", Greenhill, Larry, Stereo Review, Aug 83, pg 46-51.

"Cable Conflicts: The Mystery of Getting Wired", Klein, Larry, Electronics Now, Dec 93, pg. 80& 83.

"Wired Wisdom, The Great Chicago Cable Caper", Nousaine, Tom, Sound & Vision(Canada), Sep 95, pg. 73-76.

"Speaker Cables, Measurements vs Psychoacoustic Data", Villchur, Edgar, Audio, Jul 94, pg 34-37.

"Cross Talk, Do Cables Have a Sonic Personality all their Own?", Kessler, Kehn & Nousaine, Tom, Video, May 96, pg. 36-40.

"Does Wire Directionality Exist?", Lampen, Stephen, Speaker Builder, 3/98, pg 30, 31.

"String 'em Up!", Butterworth, Brent & Griffin, Al, Home Theater,

"Walking the High Wire", Butterworth, Brent, Home Theater, Nov 98, pg 94-102.