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    Question Speaker cable help, please!

    I currently am running a pair of Tannoy Mx4s with a NAD C350, interconnects from cd player and sacd player are tara labs 55i, and i also am using the tara labs jumper between pre out and in. Speaker cables are a bi-wire connections consisting of audioquest cv-4 and some sort of belden cable my dad had laying around. The belden is nickle plated and has a gray colored jacket.
    I just recently aquired a pair of tara labs quantum III + from a friend and was wondering if replacing the belden cable for these will be a good idea. I do not have the cables yet otherwise i would see for myself. It seems like the tara would clearly be the better cable, i am also excited because the tara labs come with spades, where as i am using bare for the belden. This will be connecting much easier for me.

    So i guess my real question is if the tara labs will be better sounding, and which cable should i use for the treble/midrange and which cable for the lower octaves when bi-wiring with tara and audioquest.

    Thanks, and sorry for the long post.


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    " real question is if the tara labs will be better sounding..."

    Double Hmmmm..."...some sort of belden cable my dad had laying around..."

    Let's start this time there has been no corroborative evidence that wires of a like gauge and length are all that much different from one a nutshell...wire is wire. There is much hype and many anecdotal statements to the contrary however, but that is simply what they person's "opinion"...nothing more...

    Secondly, Tara labs was recently under scrutiny from government authorities for mis-labeling imported components as "Made in the USA" much for credibility IMHO...

    What sort of Belden is it? If it is not proper for the job, ANYTHING fit for an audio cable will sound different...maybe better, maybe worse...

    I'd go on here in this forum, but there is a possibility I'm treading on thin ice, soooo...if you wish to explore further with re: to the ins and outs of wiring...visit the Audio Lab forum where the explanations can proceed unfettered.

    jimHJJ(...or not...)

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