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    Question snake oil cable companies

    besides the obvious company that is also the name of a famous university in MA, are there companies that come to mind that ARE NOT outrageously priced? (some monster products...not all...come to mind)

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    Reasonably priced cables

    A number of small companies make cables and sell them at relatively low prices from their web sites. Some firms that come to mind are Bolder Cable, Blue Jeans Cable, Cat Cables, Signal Cable, and VH Audio. I do not have experience dealing with these firms, but most advertise a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Another source of reasonably priced cables is Zu Cable, if you buy through their eBay auctions. I have bought through their auctions, and was pleased with the way they do business. Zu gives a 60-day money back guarantee, and I encountered no problems when I returned one set of cables just under this time line.

    If you are looking for interconnects, Radio shack also is a source. I am pleased with my $25 Radio Shack Fusion model. I would not recommend my $10 gold model, however, because it fits much too tighly on the jacks, so much so that I don't use it anymore. Perhaps Radio Shack has corrected this problem on more recent production.

    I hope this information is helpful.

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    I picked up an RCA Digital Coaxial cable (1.8m) at Zellers! For around $15 Canadian!! It's wicked! Has springs on the ends, etc. Sounds great, they also have a lot more cables to choose from too!

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