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    Power Cord Modification???

    I was going through an audio catalog the other day and saw that they were selling for $25.00 some kind of aparatus that you wrap around your power cords and it's supposed to get rid of high frequency RFI noise and reduce the noise floor of your system. Anyone know of some kind of DIY project for this tweak, and what is "noise floor?" Sounds like this could be a decent "cheap tweak" if there's anything to it. Anybody used the product in question, called "Highwire Powerwrap?"

    Thanks for any info at all...

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    The noise floor is the residual noise from a component or system when no signal is applied. I can see this kind of treatment having some effect on poorly designed or cheap gear, but with good equipment and clean power, prolly not much.

    I'm thinkin a good whole house power conditioner for surges and balanced power for the entertainment equipment would be far superior.

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