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    My thoughts on cables for sspeakers

    I've use common lamp cae for manyyears up lets say a 100watt amp
    suffis rate for 15 amps and a 120 volts AC it's cheap and it works
    You can lso doulbe it if you like as well and you 2 different colours of cable
    you can als get a couple of gauges up from that gauge as well
    I've put iron or brass finising nai lon the ends as contacts and solder them on or loop the wire and solder the loop.
    Thre are aslso som multi stranded cabe brnads out as well
    someting about the different size of the strand transmitting better responce out of the drivers as well

    I go with a wire no to thick and noto thin
    The thicker gauges of wire strand s can be good contacts but als caus restisance as ell
    Thre new flat braided speker cable out now as well
    If yo want to go nuts go after some silver coated cable or gold coated cable .
    But to me I say 75% of the time you 20 cent a foot lamp cable is fine !!
    My 2 cents on cables

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    I'm not going to argue the science of your choice of cables... but honestly, were you drunk when you wrote this?

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