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    Monster Video 2 v. Monster Video 3 (ADVICE)

    For those of you with any experience that you would be so kind to share: do you have a preference (recommendation) on whether to equip my system with Monster Video 2 or 3 cables?

    I primarily am interested in reducing "snow" in my tv image and getting highly accurate color reproduction.

    Thanks for any help you can give, i really appreciate it.

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    I think the only difference is another layer of shielding in the Video 3. Probably won't make any visible difference unless you have some kind of crazy RF passing through your house. If you're willing to spend the money, get the cooler looking cables I always say.

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    From My Experience, going from one composite video cable to another has done nothing for my image quality. One thing that HAS though is a line conditioner. If anything they give me much better results on video than audio.

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    I have the Monster 2 series. I didn't notice any difference between the 2. But the more expensive your gear is, the more you will notice any differences. Also, like Corwin99 said, a good line conditioner is a must. BTW, how do you like that CARVER TX-11 tuner, Corwin99?
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