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    ISO 5.1 component audio switch box

    Hi all. I'm finally hooking up my PC to the home theater for some big-screen gaming, and I'm running into some audio interconnect issues.

    1. My sound card (SoundBlaster Audigy 2) has effectively 2 sets of outputs - one digital out that only sends 16-bit instead of 24-bit (lame), and analog outs for each of the discrete speaker channels, so I prefer to use these analog outs for 5.1.
    2. My receiver (Rotel RSX-965) has ONE set of analog 5.1 inputs, and that's already in use by my DVD-A/SACD player.

    So as I see it, I've got five options, but it's the last one that is greatly preferred:
    * Suck it up and deal with the 16-bit 5.1 from the PC.
    * Unplug and replug the 2 sets of 6 RCA cables every time I want to switch between DVD-A/SACD and PC sound.
    * Buy a new sound card.
    * Buy a new receiver.
    * Find an external audio switch that can switch between two (or more) sets of 6 analog inputs.

    Anyone know of any vendors/devices that meet this need? So far I've called around to all the local audio shops to no avail, and only found one online vendor of unknown repute ( Many thanks for any help...


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    You could always buy two A/V switch box from local store such as Radioshack or Walmart, and run half leg of 6 analog output/input thru one box and the other half thru another. The only downside is when switching between sources, you have to toggle two switches instead of one.
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