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    does anyone have a opinion of groneberg quattro reference or ts premium cables

    i am looking at buying groneberg ts premium ic.s i know they are very popular in europe has anyone on this forum auditioned these cables? i own the quattro reference cables and like them very much but i am getting the upgrade bug. i just bought a high end symphonic line vibrato cd player and musical fidelity x-10v3 tube buffer and i listen mainly to redbook cd,s and feel i would benefit from higher end cables and i welcome any opinions or advice.

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    Groneberg cables

    Please be very carefull with Groneberg cables! I had both Quattro Reference ICs and speaker cables in the past and when I tried to upgrade the IC to TS Premium, the result was very very bad! You need to have both ICs and speaker cables of the same type. Put TS Premium in your system, but change all cables to TS and you will find a sound that you never heard before, at any price!

    Good luck!

    P.S.: Quattro Reference and TS Premium don't work togeder. Theese cables are made to work only if you have the same type as IC and speaker cables (Andreas Groneberg told me this and he is right).

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