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    Question Component Connection

    I recently purchased Denon's AV3803. I cannot figure out how to hook up my cable box to the receiver properly. I plugged in the component cables from the cable box to the receiver. With another component cable, I have hooked up my receiver to my TV. I can get video fine, but for the life of my, I cannot figure how to get the audio to work. Can anyone out there help me with my delema. Thanks for all your help and time.

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    Are you using the analog connections or digital or both?

    If you have these connections plugged into the right input, then check to see if the input is set on digital or analog. You likely need to set it to AUTO.
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    well it kind of sounds like your not even using audio cables. component is only for video. then you have to run the analog or digital audio out "optical, coaxial"

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