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    Which cable should I use?

    I just purchased a home theatre system that has a dvd built into the receiver which has dts and dolby digital. I also have a vcr and satelitte dish. My tv dosen't have enough inputs so I also have a modulator hooked up. What audio cable do I need I purchased an analog rca but not sure if this right? Please help I'm trying to figure it out. I could use some help on figuring how to connect hat specific cable. Thank you

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    I don't know the specifics of your receiver or sattelite box but I'll offer what I can.

    First off, how have you employed that modulater? You just might be able to do away with it.

    Most HT receivers allow selection, thereby relieving the TV of having to use too many inputs. If that's a possibility, you might see if that will work for you.

    Step 1) See if there's a monitor output from your receiver that can feed your TV set. If that's available, try using that to compensate for the lack of inputs on your TV by using your receiver for selection.

    Again, lacking specifics you'll have to check your manuals.

    Step 2) VCR's only accept those red/white (analog audio) connections. There's no choice there. Also, they generally have a yellow (composite video) connection. Rarely have I seen differentand then only on very expensive VCR's. These three outputs can generally be fed to your receiver and from there fed to your TV, assuming step 1 worked out for you.

    I don't know what yout sattelite offers but if see what outputs it has and try and feed these hrough your receiver to the TV. Any digital opututs will have to go there anyway, so why not try and do the same with video.

    As faras recording channels other than what you're currently watching on your VCR, you will probably need to invest in another sattelite receiver or settle for what's available over the air.

    Again, check your manuals andsee what works out. If you can prvoide more specifics on what there is to work with, perhaps someone will be able to expand on these suggestions.

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