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    Toshiba Television tube adjustments...


    Have tried to find some information on how to adjust the picture of my new Toshiba TV's tube so that straight lines display straight. Haven't been having any luck finding this. Can anybody help? I'd sure appreciate it!

    Thanks for your time!


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    I have a Toshiba 32" flatscreen ( a couple of years old now). But when I got it; it had terrible geometry problems. Crooked lines horizontal and vertical. I found out how to get into the service mode and tried to adjust; was sucessful to some degree but still had some bowing of the horizontal on the lower screen. CNN ticker tape was bowed upwards noticeably. Had a Toshiba tech come in and he tried to correct all the geometry problems but was not successful. So I complained directly to Toshiba and was told that 32" flatscreens had this inherent problem and basically to live with it or buy a better tv. Suffice to say I was very unhappy with their reply. I've seen Sony flatscreens with better geometry, perfect maybe not, but definitely better.
    good luck

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