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    Radio Shack speaker mods

    I own a pair of Optimus LX-10's and I am wondering if anyone has done any mods to them. I am looking to make them so they can perform as surrounds for my JBL 4430's. The 4430's are just a little much but I love them. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post. I am looking for anything from new drivers to crossover mods. I was thinking of loading in some Scan Speaks or Vifa's because I can get them for cheap.

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    There is a guy here:

    who has.

    He added reinforcement ribs he glued inside the cabinet. IIRC, you can upgrade the internal wiring and crossover also fairly cheap and easily to great effect.

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    i found the mod for the LX-5's they are essentially the same speaker. thanks a lot for that. if anyone else has any info it would be nice. i may make them biampable

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