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    Arrow homemade line to line 1/8th inch miniplug cable

    Hi all,
    I was just wondering if anyone had made a homemade line-to-line 1/8th inch miniplug cable from the miniplug of two sets of headphones? I'm always buying these cables for my minidisc or for my computer system and they're fairly expensive, and I was wondering if I just spliced two cheaper headphone plugs together if that would work or if the circuit is more complicated than that. Thanks.

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    it would work, but it would be a pain and it wouldn't be a good connection. if it is just 1/8" to 1/8" the cable shouldn't be expensive at all, especially if it isn't a balanced 75ohm cable for digital use. if it is just analog it would only be a couple bucks for it at any place like radio shack. if it is for a digital connection then you can still use the cheap cable

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    buy some cable and two plugs, don't have a joint in the middle of the cable. but if you're unsure buying a pre-moulded cable would be better.

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