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    Question Need your help ! Proj-Ject or Music Hall

    ok, i'm making a purchase....
    Proj-Ject RM4 or the Music Hall MMF 5. I can get the both for the same price...around $470. Can some of you please chip in and help make a decision for me ?

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    As a Pro-ject 1.2 owner, I can give you a couple of general comments. It's my understanding that Pro-ject and Music Hall are both Czech built and actually share the same factory. Also, I think the consensus is that the Pro-ject build quality is a little better depending on the price point. This was the deciding factor when I purchased the 1.2 over the MMF2.1. This factor may be hard to compare in your case since the RM4 and MMF5 appear so different. Pro-ject is distributed by Sumiko in the US. They are located in Berkely CA. Jim Alexander at Sumiko is easily accessible for questions and solving problems and he's easy to talk to. My Pro-ject came w/the Sumiko Oyster cartridge. It really wasn't to my taste so I replaced it almost immediately. The RM4 may come w/a cart higher up the Sumiko line. The Proj-Ject 9.1 tonearm seems to be well regarded. Music Hall uses this arm on some of its tables. You might ask if both tables come with this arm.

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