Anyone interested in a cartridge alignment tool, one of the best ones I've used over the years is now back on the market. Mobile Fidelity's Geo-Disc is an LP sized platter that provides a very accurate spot for adjusting the cartridge overhang, and has visual gridlines for properly adjusting the offset angles. It's a lot easier to use than those flimsy plastic templates or paper cutouts that come with a lot of turntables. Mobile Fidelity originally discontinued the Geo-Disc in the late-80s and I'd seen them selling for upwards of $200 on ebay. I was very tempted to sell mine, but I used it whenever I did cartridge replacement, so I decided to keep it. But, now that it's back on the market and selling for $50, I no longer have a collector's item on my hands. Music Direct (Mobile Fidelity's distributor) carries them along with some of their recent SACD and vinyl issues.