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    Bomb Cheapo TT setup

    I rekon I have spent thousands trying to put together a good cheap used analog system (confession), so here is my latest "discovery".
    I found a HK T60 used on E Bay. It was a risk, as all used decks are, but after clean-up and greasing, its been working like a charm. Also, after having spent hundreds tryng to find the best budget cartridge,(second confession) I have arrived at the Denon 110.

    The two make a stunning combination, my best vinyl thus far. Deep and musical. The table is downright quiet and the Denon 110 handles record surface noise better than any unit I have had. So, including new belt, I have 265.00 into this set-up. I hope it lasts because it sure is nice. I use a wall mount for the table. It is a suspended platter design so isolation is really quite necesary. As far as cheap analog goes, here is how I rate my experiences of the last 3 years, best to worst.

    Table: ( all belt)

    1) HK TT60
    2) Music Hall 2.2
    3) Pioneer pl 514 ( surprisingly good cheap table )

    Cartridges (all between 100.00 and 140.00 )

    1) Denon 110 mc
    2) AT 95 with HE stylus mm
    3) AT 440MLa mm
    4) Tonar (Nagakoka) 555 mm

    Thats it from here. Confession is good for the soul. I feel marginally better. keep em spinning gents.

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    Nice to see you got good for your time and money...once you are satisfied, there is no turning back. Enjoy your rig.
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