Hi All,

I just discovered this board today and am hoping someone can help me out with a problem that has come up.

I have a Yamaha RX-V496 that I am really happy with, but recently the input select dial has been malfunctioning intermittently. When new, turning the dial one detent would switch the input one to the "left" of "right" (depending on turn direction). Now it seems that I have to turn the dial several detents (or several revolutions) to get the input to change. The problem varies randomly, sometimes the input will switch right away, and other times it will take quite a while.

I haven't taken a closer look at the problem - I am hoping that someone on these boards has seen this problem before and can give me some advice on how to solve this issue. I can still change the input on the remote (no problems with that) so it isn't a major issue, just a minor annoyance.

Thanks in advance,