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    what reciever to choose from

    I have a couple of recievers to choose from and i need some advice on what one would be good to run my smaller advents they are 4 ohms. Ok heres the recievers a sony son str de597 its 199.99 dollars and the rating is 4.2. The other is a sony sonstrde197 its 149.99 its rating is 4.0. The other one is a sherwood she rx4103 its 80.00 dollars and the rating is 4.1 these recievers are all ate circuit city and yes i do have the mony this time.

    thanks jeff

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    Hello Jeff!

    I don't know. If you can hear them with the same speaker at each store it would help. You might want to buy one, listen to it, take it back, till you've heard all three in your setup, then buy the best one.

    Oh yeah, check the owners' manual to see if they are rated for 4 ohms. Sometimes it'll say on the back of the receiver.

    I know you can't use eBay to find a receiver, but I'd at least check the local papers' classifieds, and check your phone book for stereo shops near you.

    Call them. They will probably have used equipment, talk to them, they might even kinda help you out a bit.

    Regardless, have fun, it's fun!

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    I found the perfect reciever its 200 watts at 4 ohms and 100 at 8 ohms. Its a yahmaha htr5730 its 199.99 at best buy its 500 watts total. Please give me your input on this reciever should i buy it or not.

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    There is no way a $200 receiver is going to double it's power into 4 ohms. Here are the specs for that receiver:

    The ratings are all at 1kHz into 6 ohms. These are misleading ratings because the power is only at one frequency, at a slightly low impedence. This makes the amp look more powerful than it really is. In all actually, it probably puts out 50wpc @ 8 ohms x 5 channels from 20Hz-20kHz (if you are lucky). This is a more meaningful specification for real-world use.

    If you really want a low-impedence drive receiver on the cheap, look at Harman Kardon. They are stable into 4 ohms (no need for an impedence selector switch) and are full bandwidth rated across all channels simultaneously. Wattage specs for these receivers are usually underrated.

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