A friend of mine was telling me he heard an Edge amplifier and was the best amp he has ever heard. It's now his life long ambition of obtain one. I checked out their website and it was rather vague on details about the gear and their technology used. They do show you all their awards. They are also costly. They have the G3 integrated rated at 85 wpc into 8 ohms that costs a mere $5,495.00. Tell me why? Their big amps did have a short sentence that mentioned something about a laser output stage. huh? What's that about?

Well, I'm curious enough to want to hear them. I forgot who reviewed the G3 but he made the soundstage sound like something to experience. I guess I'm used to the way hi fi is marketed typically, I want to know the story behind it and what's under the hood and most of all, how does it sound.