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    Went to a Real Audio Store

    As luck would have it I had a taxi fare to Edmonton. After gas expense and owner getting his cut, it wasn't really worth my while to go. Knowing this was the case I thought I would make the best out of trip by stopping in at a stereo store I looked up in the yellow pages. After getting a few hours sleep at a cheap motel I made my way to Audio Ark and got there just as it opened after getting lost trying to find the place.
    First impressions once in the store, Wow ! They had stuff that I only seen on the web and audio mags. Various brand names many that I hadn't heard of. I was most impressed by these monster speakers they had on display. I asked the salemans what they cost and he said 100 grand, probably an exaggeration but well out of my price range.
    Getting down to business I wanted to get something to upgrade my system as there is no provincial sales tax in Alberta and I would save some money over buying it here. I was considering a cd player upscaler, and a multi-channel pre-amp. But there in the corner was two Bryston 2B-LP at clearance price. So I decided to get one to power my center channel as my other speakers are powered with Bryston amps.
    Getting it home and hooked up the improvement was marginal over my Yamaha. But what it did was make the center intergrate better with my studios so that directionality was gone. It was like there was a gap in the center soundfield and now that was filled. So now the whole soundfield appears seemless and I knew it was money well spent.
    So what's left, maybe a multi-channel pre-amp or expensive cables. I really don't think however I can acheive any better sound that what I now have and am content.
    Bryston Rules !!

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    Next time you're in town, drop by The Gramophone. Same level of quality but a bunch of different brands. And don't forget, expensive cables are just cables that are expensive haha!

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