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    Surround A - Sound 5.1 Pre AMP

    Besides Brystons pre am at $3,5000 .00 large.
    Is some other lower end Surround a Sound pre Amps on the maket place?
    I can buy active drivers no big deal few good choices out there as well as subs .
    I'm looking at 300 - 500 dollar range

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    Do I understand your question, you want a $500.00 A/V preamp? Dream on, doesn't everyone. You will have to get a receiver or hope to get lucky on the used market. has a couple used Rotels for $899.00. Good luck, sincerely.

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    outlaw at 699

    outlaw s 950 is rated well .. but as previous reply says used market for your price .. but then you risk old software versions. you can go with recievers with 6.1 and 7.1 outputs .. most brand midfi units start adding this option.. harman 310 325 330 and up have it . with good process .. onkyo 801 ... i believe denon starts at the 3805 not sure denon is not a favorite of mine .. but harman will not disapoint you .. they have some amazing processors .. the logic 7 is more i,pressive than dd and dts at times.. also they make either lexicon or arcams process .. i cant remeber which .. one of them boosts the logic 7 .. good luck happy hunting..

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