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    Smile Suggest A Good Integrated Amp

    I'm new to this!!!
    After looking around for quite sometime, I have shortlisted the NAD S300(lower pricing) and Krell KAV 400xi(higher pricing). I currently using Jamo(200W @ 8Ohms 91dB) Main Speakers with my Onkyo A/V Receiver. I might eventually change the speakers to Jamo D 870.
    Which one is a better amp to start off with? Why?
    Please advice.
    Would appreciate if you have any other brands to recommend in the same price range!

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    Of two amplifiers, I think I prefer the Krell 400iX though if you are looking to spend that amount of money I suggest that you look at some other amplifier in that price bracket, you have relatively sensitive speakers, so your choice of amplifier is quite large. where are you based Europe or NA, as availability and choice will depend largely on where you are based.

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    I received PS Audio GCC-100 2 days ago for $2795.00. Better than $5500.00 BAT pre/power combo.

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