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    A second question......

    Sorry guys but I need your help now. I forgot to say you I also have an opportunty to get a B&K power amplifier in a good price. It is 150 watts by channel. I am not familiar with B&K 's sound and also I don't have the chance to bring it to my home as I did with the Classe. So, buying it will be a risk. I can get it for $400 and the Classe is $900. How B&K compare with Classe at the top end frecuency? Do they have similar sound ? Could be B&K better option to my taste?
    Thanks again,

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    B&K's are very well built, warm sounding amps that lean towards a "tubey" kind of sound. Their high end is somewhat rolled-off and they can sometimes throw a veil over the details. Their bottom end is prodigious with good, if not exceptional, control. I enjoyed a B&K ST140 for 15 years without a problem, however the Classe costs more for a reason. It's more neutral although based on your previous post still may not be the best synergistic match with your speaks.

    Hope this helps.

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