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Thread: Rotel RSP-1068

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    Question Rotel RSP-1068


    I have a one for rsp-1068 owners or any one that would know.

    Does the rsp-1068 go mute when changing speakers' settings or when changing sound modes (say 2ch to dd or to dts)? Does it mute when changing any other setting?


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    Do you own one?...

    ...If so, tell us the answer...

    According to the down-loadable PDFs @ Rotel's site, only the "Muting" switch mutes...they make no specific mention of any muting during operation of the unit. In fact, as per page 41 in the owners manual; "...the unit uses relay switching...mechanical clicking of the relays is normal..." Further, "...during switching, it may take a split second for digital signals to be recognized and properly decoded..." Is this actually "Muting" or just lack of signal during switching and decoding? They go on to say "Rapid repeated switching between inputs or settings can result in clicks or pops from the speakers as the unit attempts to lock on to the rapidly changing signals..." No "Muting" there. One could take the educated guess that true "Muting" is activated only by the appropriate switch and not during format or input switching...but, even company literature isn't always the last word.

    "Flags" provided by the various source formats provide for auto-selection, again no mention of "Muting", strictly analog sources can bypass any digital processing via an analog bypass mode, that seems to require none and speaker setup with an SPL meter would seem to require output of some sort, even if it's only pink noise.

    jimHJJ( guess is: no...)

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    Hey RL,

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    No I don't own one, at least for now...

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