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    Please help with selection of amp for Polk RTi 150 ...

    speakers. I use them as my fronts. The center and rear 2 are Polks as well but I don't know the product #s. I also have a Velodyne 10 Sub. I currently have a Pioneer VSX-D812 Amp. ( around $200 at Circuit City ). I want something better, I can spend about $500 dollars. My highs sound like crap now with this amp. The Polks are supposed to sound pretty good but they don't right now. The 2 front Polks were around $1000 a piece retail (they are Towers). I have heard they are good speakers. I figure it is my Amp.

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    Why donīt you test the Denon PMA-2000IVR Integrated amplifier? That baby really rocks, it's very powerful (and heavy too!), not made in China... I suggest you give it a try, you can find one used within your $500 budget (maybe a little more). This pre/amp is pure class A components! Just opened and see for yourself.

    Good luck and let me know!

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    Are you looking to replace the whole receiver or are you looking for a power amp to use for the fronts via pre-amp outputs? There are a few integrateds you can get for that kind of money that are really good, but that won't help you with multichannel audio.

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