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Thread: VCR selection

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    VCR selection

    Yes I do want to buy a new vcr but one under $100. What I need is one that is good and would allow me at a future time to take my old tapes and record them onto a DVD recorder (which I do not own at present) but will be buying one in two years. I am waiting for a format to be picked by manufacturers. Also want the price too come down too. But got off subject for a second. This is why I want a vcr, plus I still want to record things off the TV. No I do not want a Tivo.

    I wanted to get a refurbish sony slvn77, does anyone know where I can get one of those. Or a vcr that is just as good? What about the slvn700?

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    I might suggest the Sony 700 @ $99 or the Sony 900 @ $129.

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