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    Phase Linear 400 questions....

    I am new to this forum, but after a little browsing Im happy to be registered

    I recently got a Phase Linear 400 amp and preamp to use at a small lounge in New Haven, where I DJ. Personally I didnt know anything abt the amp or PL, but after some reasearch there is obviously some history behind the amp. I am planning on just using the AMP for now, bc my mixer will serve as the pre-amp source.

    Problem is, it blows the fuse as soon as I plug it in. Orig there was a 5A fuse which was blown but I tried a 10A and 15A (thats all that was in my house). Im trying to determine if 5A is the proper fuse and if there is anything I can do to fix it or diagnose it. Im not to versed in amp/electronics repair but if it something simple, Im willing to give it a try. Or, if it can be diagnosed and repaired inexpensivly, I would have no prob doing that.
    Also, Ive been trying to dig up some literature (instruction manuel or whatever) so that I can get a heads up before this thing gets plugged in...can anyone point me toward that kind of thing??

    Thank you!


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    319 in the 8th paragraph: "power supply", they mention a 5 amp fuse, Maybe the fuse was supposed to be a slo-blow type? I have an old tube amp that requires a 5 amp slow-blow.....the fuse wire inside is coiled like a spring instead of being straight.

    i was bored and found this schematic, hope you can read it but there is an 8 amp fuse in the power supply section
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    I still have a PL 400 amp and manual

    In the 25 years I used my Phase Linear 400 power amp I never blew a fuse, but then I never drove it hard.

    The PL 400, according to the manual requires three, "5 AGX" fuses for normal hi-fi use: two for the +/- power suppy and one on the AC line. Make sure you have the right type of fuses. If the fuse still blow, repairs would be in order. I'm no tech but I understand that the PL is pretty easy to repair and replacement parts are not problem. In fact, modern components can actually improve the sound, but I doubt that a serious upgrade is worth in unless you're are a proficient DIY techy.

    If your were to email me, I could photocopy the manual and send you a copy. Also you can check out the websites below where plenty of information is available:

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    after further inspection, the amp is beyond MY repair and ill prob just end up selling it as is....
    however, now i do need an amp for a dj gig that i do wkly.
    its in a lounge that holds less than 50 people. the house spkrs (i forget the brand) are up to 375 watts. HOWEVER, right now we are using an old realistic reciever to run the spkrs - and truthfuly they do sound good. so i dont think im looking for a huge power source. i dont want to dish out $$$ for a big amp that i have to play at 40%.
    any suggestions on an inexpensive amp for this?
    im even considering a used samson off ebay bc im sure itll do the trick.
    thank you!!!!!!!!

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