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    is a good combination denon avr 3803 with rotel rmb 1075?

    I just want tu buy a rotel amplifier rmb 1075 to combine with my denon avr 3803 for a better sound.I don't know it's a good combination or not,I just think if I use like separates components,I can obtain a better sound?I need help before I buy the amplifier,I loocking for a used one,so i can't return back to owner.My speakers are yamaha "ns series" 555 for front,444 for center and 333 for surround.

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    3803 with amp?

    I'd get a separate preamp instead of the 3803.

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    the sound will not get any better you'll just gain a little more wattage; a better approach might be to upgrade the speakers, interconnects, wiring, or skip the Denon, get the amp and use a pre-pro from Rotel

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