sup everybody i got quick question. I own a yamaha dts-es reciver and wharfedale tower speakers. Everything sounds good, but my bro is movin into his new house, and i have decided to give him my system. So im planning to buy a seperate system. A amp and so on. My goal was to find a dvd player wit dts-es decoding and hook it up to 3 stero amps tat i will be getting. But no dvd player wit dts-es decoding. So i decided to stick wit just a dts decoding DVD to my 3 stero amps. Now i have 2 problems. One is a master volume control. I have heard u can buy 6 channel volume control unit, but they arnt cheap almost 3-400 dollars. I really didnt want to spend money buying a seperate cheap dts-es reciver wit 6.1 rca out for the amps. More money tat way. so my final hope is find a dvd player wit dts decoding wit built in volume control. any such thing?? also any advice for me. I really didnt wnat to spend money on a 6.1 pre-amp as tat almost 4-600 dollars tat i dont have. So wat do u guys suggest.