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    New ROTEL RA 1060 for $550?

    Just talked to a local dealer about the 1062 and found out they have a couple 1060's that they would sell for about $550. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me, just wondered what you guys thought?

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    I have an RA-1070 that I just love to death...not the absolute end word in amps, but I paid much more than $550 for it and I'm very happy...sound great connected to my Vifa-Scan-speak towers....It outperformed or matched alot of higher priced products from brands like PS Audio, Parasound, Arcam, etc, that I listened too...couldn't afford the Parasound stuff I really wanted, so this was a nice compromise.

    I'd try to go a bit cheaper still, say, $500...assuming, of course, full factory warranty applies...but yeah, sounds like a decent deal...There's a used RA-1062 on audiogon now for $550, but I think you don't get any warranty.

    Good luck shopping.

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    Thanks for the advice, I actually went to hear the rotel yesterday and really liked it,(much more than the NAD, at least to my ears). so anyways i got it for $550 with 5 years parts and labor.
    Thanks, Icarian

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